Someone like me.

2017.10.14 2

I don’t really know anyone like me. God says we’re all unique. I believe this to be true, and I’m not saying I’m extra unique, but I often feel alone. Not because I’m ‘unique’ or depressed or because I actually am alone, in fact far from it, but because I just don’t know anyone like me.

I’m the creative type. It is a type. I believe everyone is creative. Most creative types do believe that. The difference between someone who is creative and someone who says they aren’t is they don’t enjoy or appreciate the journey of creativity. It’s okay. We can’t all enjoy the same things. But I don’t believe others when they say they aren’t creative. No, you just aren’t trying to be. It’s a lack of thinking. It’s a lack of reviewing the work of others and applying those techniques, those strategies and your ideas into your own work, your own task, your own mission. Whatever that may be.

Be creative. Choose creative. It’s in you. It comes out easier for others, like writing or math, but we all have it. Apply what you have. Practice it. Believe in yourself.

But what I mean by, I don’t know anyone like me. I know plenty of other creative people. But I don’t have any other mom friends who are the creative type, like me. The ones who  are constantly creating; photographing, writing, organizing, painting, drawing, generating ideas and freely giving them away, always helping out and enjoying helping others, appreciating well-written promotional messages, reading, inspiring, giving and relating to each other.

I love the friends I have. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. This post has no intent to diminish my friends. They know who they are and they know I love them. Instead, I write this for me.

My best friend is my husband. He ‘gets’ me more than anyone in the world does. And, truly that is how it should be, but I know I can’t completely rely on him to be my husband and my friend at all times. That’s not realistic or healthy.

Since becoming a mom (10 years ago) my relationships with my friends evolved. It went from seeing each other every weekend to once a month. Then maybe every six weeks. Then like most moms, I created relationships with the people I see everyday, my colleagues. I’m bound to have commonalities with them, after all we work in the same field, are likely to both be parents and married.

But it’s the creative brain, the innovative thinking, the energy and enthusiasm, the entrepreneurialism and need to create that whispers inside me.

That is what I mean by alone. I don’t really have anyone to whisper my ideas to. Someone who understands and can relate. Or someone that says, let’s do that, together! While also asking about the kids, and never ‘how are the kids’, no that person will know them better than that. They’ll ask if the IEP meeting went alright last week, if the new Paw Patrol shoes I ordered the twins fit okay, or how potty training is going because they will already know those are the things we’re going through right now. Not the surface level small talk. I hate small talk.

Much of what my creative brain is thinking about is much more profound than small talk. I have ideas and dreams on top of concepts I haven’t refined. A process that takes time. Choosing one though, is difficult. A challenge a creative type struggles with. It’s not for lack of ideas or enthusiasm, it’s lack of focus on which idea to focus on first.

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