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If you haven’t seen The Greatest Showman yet, what are you waiting for? This movie is practically the perfect family movie. Perfect for my family anyway. From the inspirational motives to the moment-after-moment of great musical performances, it’s a must-see.

Each and every song is catchy and you’ll likely attempt to sing it in the car later because the songs will inescapably be in your head. Not to deter you from watching, as this is most definitely the lesser evil.

My favorite moment of the movie is when the ‘freaks’ as the ‘greatest showman’ refers to them are not invited to a party celebrating the success of Mr. Barnum. But instead of hiding behind the door, they reveal themselves as they are and they own their personal characteristics. Shouting, ‘This is me. I’m glorious.’

Considering the millions of people in the world that think of themselves as an outcast… a freak… an embarrassment… this song gives those unique and differently-abled individuals some feet to stand on. It’s a boost of confidence. A push in the right direction. The direction of hope. The direction of love for themselves. Of knowing they aren’t alone in this world.

Too much hair? Not the right color hair? Too tall? Too small? Sound funny?

Define funny… Define what’s ‘right’? Define too tall and too small.

We should all strive for acceptance, while accepting others for who they are. And if you know someone that doesn’t accept you, own it anyway. Own who you are. You are beautiful, brilliant and just like the song says – exactly who you were meant to be.

“Be you. Be strong. Be who you were meant to be!” – The Greatest Showman

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