It’s Snot So Bad.


The beauty of motherhood often rests on our shoulders in the form of snot. This is true. If you ever doubt it, just check out a mom on her way into work. Seriously, that mess on her shoulder is full of great intentions and compromise. We make an effort, a solid effort,  to appear presentable and even fashionable, if you will. But snot is rarely, if ever, a desirable fashion statement, yet it flows from my littles noses like the nile. There are rarely enough tissue in the world to stop the snot train, but not to worry my snuggle hug goodbye will do.

Joking aside, the snot train is real. The hugs create the oxytocin I need. The daycare is expensive, but worth every penny. And last, but not least, I’m ever so grateful that spring has finally arrived in Minnesota. This winter was long. Longer than most. With three little boys a.k.a. ‘the house monkeys’ tearing my house apart from corner to corner on long winter weekends, I’m ready for worm digging, long walks to anywhere but preferably Dairy Queen and quiet time to myself.

Torn daily between loving my mom life and wanting time to myself, I know that someday I’ll miss this. My wiser and more mature mom friends remind me often. And while I believe them whole-heartedly, I still miss my me time. I selfishly need to find more of it. I usually find it at about 9 p.m. when I want to stay up and watch romcoms and create beautiful things. The artist in me is screaming all day, but I know it can come out at night. And I know my future is full of big kids and that I need to push these littles on the swings right now, wipe some tushies (as nasty as that sounds) cut their pizza and even find snot on my shirt when I get to work, because after all… isn’t that the proud mark of a hard-working, tired, proud and full of love momma? A life many women dream of experiencing. I’m blessed. Truly blessed. I get that. It’s not a blessing (or three) that I take lightly. Every stinky butt, and mommy scream is worth it.

The witching hours (dinner and bath) inspire me to have that alone time at 9 p.m. (the golden hour). Sometimes there’s wine. Sometimes it’s just water. But whatever the night brings, it’s always appreciated.

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One Reply to “It’s Snot So Bad.”

  1. I can relate to this post so much! I’m a stay-at-home mom transitioning to work-at-home-mom but I am a creative type. I long to make art and write more. I had a steady routine down when I just had my toddler but I’m still figuring out a better routine now that I have two little ones. I know it’ll get better, though.

    On a side note, how is Big Magic? It’s been on my to-be-read list forever!


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