The weekend.

Oh my friend. My beloved, weekend. It was warm, relaxing and full of giggles.


We had a simple weekend at home. A small home improvement project. A hot dog picnic.


Bubble mowing the lawn. You know the important stuff. Just getting work done (Cooper)


First sprinkler sesh of the year. This one is always excited about life.


And this one is always going. He has more energy than anyone I know and the softest heart. Must handle with care.


This one is like a little bulldozer. He stubborn, strong-willed and beautiful. Free Advice: Never touch his food.

Goodnight Sunday. See you next weekend.

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2 Replies to “The weekend.”

  1. Thanks for sharing a little about your littles! They’re so cute in their outfits that look all the world like they are ready to hop on a racehorse and take off running! Of course, you probably have to run enough to keep up with them without any racehorses! Nice post.


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