It’s okay if I look tired, if I look happy too.

You look tired. (5)

I actually hear this often. If doesn’t offend me. It’s just that I actually AM real tired. That’s just a side effect of motherhood, accompanied by the occasional boogers found on my clothes.

As a mom, we make sacrifices. Ones that we typically lovingly and willfully commit to. And some that we, like our toddlers, kick and scream usually on the inside, yelling noooooo! I feel this way when my sleep is interrupted. I know this is expected, but I still scream it on the inside every time I’m woke up at 2 a.m. (or anytime between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. honestly). 

It’s okay if I look tired, if I look happy too.

If I’m living my life inspired.

If I’m extending the grace instilled in me to others.

If I speak the truth and spread goodness where I go.

If it means I’m teaching my children a solid work ethic.

If I’m modeling what a true friend is.

If it means, I’m fulfilled creatively.

If it means I’m growing and learning.

If it means I’ve found something that matters to me.

If it means I’m free to live the life I choose and the negative judgement of others holds no weight.

That’s okay. I’m okay with tired then, because I know I’ve truly living an authentic life and my days are filled with laughter, joy, inspiration and unique challenges. I am energized by creative living and the solid foundation in the relationships I’ve developed with my friends and family.

Today and everyday, I challenge myself and you (if this is you) to choose to live your authentic self. The life you aspire for. The happiness that can truly be yours. The work for what you want.

After all, the dream is free. The hustle is sold separately. 



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