First time, small fry.

Day 2 of Intensive Feeding Program (for day 1 click here)

44EBC9B8-76F0-4158-9DE8-8DD27D55AC5DTreatment begins today.

Walking in he was still happy as can be to come to his ‘class’ since so far, he hasn’t actually had to eat anything new. Easy peasy, right? Wrong.

The first session was actually the most difficult so far. He had to eat one small bite of a mandarin orange. He cried and threw a little fit. Quickly, however he learned that this behavior would not resolve his present scenario. Despite the presented emotions, he was still expected to eat his food and not cry. If he cried, his reward ended and he had to go back to the treatment room. Amazingly after 5 more sessions throughout the day, he didn’t cry again. He’s had some hesitation and once spit out his cheese, but did put a new piece back in his mouth. Overall he did very well in his sessions and quickly ate the one bite that was expected of him today. As the sessions continue, he will have to start eating larger pieces and more bites. But for now, he eats his one bite and he’s done. Baby steps!

It’s a pretty surreal experience to see him try foods he’s never been willing to try before.  Could you imagine, 10 years on this earth and never eaten a single french fry? Today was the day. He didn’t like the french fry, but he did like grilled chicken, which is great because we always have grilled chicken in our fridge.

At the end of day 2, Carter ate a bite of: 

  1. Mandarin Orange
  2. French Fry
  3. Peas (2 whole stinking peas!)
  4. Grilled Chicken
  5. Cheese Stick
  6. Pineapple

We get a lot of little breaks which is nice. There are two parks within walking distance and he has made friends at each visit to the park. I expect him to continue to progress well since he won’t be able to visit his pals at the park if he doesn’t eat in his sessions.

His love of bouncy balls has also been a great reward for him. He only gets to play with them when he excels in his class. Today, he talked with his doctors about graduating. He decided he wants to graduate soon so he can just stay at the park all day.

At the end of the day we rode the elevator to the parking garage and pushed open the door to the smell of fresh midwestern air. It was busy outside with cars and construction across the street, but I stopped in my tracks when I heard him say, “Mom, I did so good… Let’s take a selfie!” Um… have we met? YES! Clearly, I’ve trained you well, my little dude.


I’m thankful for the blessings in my life (my job, family, support system) that allow me the opportunity to support him through this program and experience the difference it’s making in his life.

To continue reading, Day 3 click here.

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