No Eating = No Fun


Yesterday was a hard day. It was his first session with 10 bites and wow is that so much more difficult than 5.

The sessions are now considered Parent Sessions where I’m working with him to share the rules and expectations rather than the technicians.

It’s difficult to literally ignore your kid, but that’s the technique we use when he chooses not to eat. First we explain the rules. If he chooses not to eat after hearing the rules = no talking or fun. If he does choose the eat = lots of talking and fun.

Currently he is allowed 30 minutes to eat 10 bites. That time will start to decrease as he progresses.


To read more about this click here.

He’s making progress though and we are ready for a weekend.

Bring on the swimming and brother time fun.



4 Replies to “No Eating = No Fun”

  1. It’s stuff like this that we take for granted. You are doing so awesome Carter to try your best to eat all sorts of healthy foods to help you grow big and strong. I know it must be really hard but you are trying. Great job! Enjoy your fun weekend of swimming!

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  2. I am so proud of you, Carter! Sounds like you are doing some really hard work and earning some really fun things. Keep it up!

    Thanks for sharing this journey, Kerri. I’ve been thinking about Carter as this was approaching and I would love for you to pass on my well wishes to him. 🙂


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