Fair Kissed Weekend

We love the Clay County Fair. It may not be in our town, but it is definitely the fair we cherish and never miss. This fair is the epitome of small town fair fun. From the animals, tractors, food, and the midway, it all makes it worth the trip. And of course, I can go into full momarazzi mode.IMG_1802-2

This picture says it all. Mac: legit smile. Yay, I’m at the fair! Carter: Cheese, the cows are waiting in the very NEXT building! Cooper: What is even going on right now? I’m extremely cool. IMG_1834-2

Our first stop is always those germ infested critters. IMG_1808-2

What’s up, Kernel Sanders.IMG_1826-2


Whatever this is, it’s fantastic. I want chicken strips like this one…IMG_1827-2

Keep up, Mac Daddy.IMG_1848-2

Do you mind? I’m trying to be on display here. Take it easy, sheep. You didn’t get a ribbon.IMG_1867-2

This one even bosses around sheep. I love how the sheep looks annoyed, but willing to listen just the same. IMG_1874-2


This little piggy went to the market. IMG_1886-2

Hairy piggies. IMG_1885-2

Hey, Mr. EdIMG_1900-2

The tractor parade is a must see for this guy. Carter’s favorite part of the fair is the tractors. We stop whatever we’re doing and head over for this annual event. IMG_2021

We grabbed ice cream prior to the tractor parade. Since these are some giant ice cream shakes, we all share a couple of them. The face below is what happens when your turn is over and it’s time to share. The dramatics of two three year olds could probably win an Emmy. IMG_2044

But this face was so happy to get his turn. Don’t feel bad for Mac, he got the ice cream back real soon. No Mac Daddies were too sad for this post. IMG_2038

Tractor nut. He asked for pictures in front of the tractors he liked best.IMG_2076

Good choice, buddy. IMG_2070

Flying high, like a big big boy.IMG_1998

We sent our kids in the crazy house. They came out just as crazy, so that didn’t work.IMG_1983


They were a pretty big fan of this ride. IMG_1959IMG_1952IMG_1947

Carter made a new friend and got a little squished on the scrambler. Good times. Everyone must get squished on the scrambler at least once in their life. IMG_2134

I forgot to mention Saturday was a scorcher, so the sprinkler was a must.IMG_2150

We had a blast. We made some great memories and I’m excited to take these little house monkeys back again next year.IMG_2154





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