Today is all about the vlog. Check out Carter’s update above. He was pretty excited to go visit family afterwards, so he was a little more goofy than normal.

The point of the vlog post is to really thank everyone for the support and encouragement. I let him read those and that has really helped him. Keep the comments coming and I’ll show them to him tomorrow. After he read them, he looked up and said, “Blog? I never heard of that word before. That is funny. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.”


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Thank you, all.





The Weekend.

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Below is our memorial day weekend family story.

IMG_0635On Friday, Carter and dad planted his 3rd annual pumpkin patch. Watch for more on that soon.

IMG_0661On Saturday, the house monkeys ate a healthy-ish Cherrioh breakfast and we packed up our stuff, Grandma included, for a trip to the beach.

IMG_0681We found a place to dig at Glendalough State Park which is near Battle Lake, Minnesota. This beautiful park is non-motorized and has a huge, beautiful clean beach we love to frequent. This hidden gem is perfect for families and super affordable. For just $25 (plus gas and snacks) you can make this your beach spot all summer. Plus, the money supports Minnesota State Parks, which is a win-win, in my opinion.

IMG_0705We pulled the sand toys from storage for the little house monkeys. I use this bag to carry them all. It’s mesh so it let’s most of the sand out before I get to the van. Which is nice since we don’t like to bring the beach home with us. At least I don’t.

IMG_0712Cooper was watching his toy float away. He has no time for going after his own things. He’s pretty sure that’s Mac’s job.

IMG_0730These green seeds became a topic of conversation. Mac loves to ask what everything is and expects a complete report about it’s overall existence. I’m starting to make things up. I don’t know why this tree has green seeds or why there are so many. It just does. Grow up and study trees! Just kidding, I’m not losing my patience. I’ve got this. 

IMG_0743IMG_0823Carter’s favorite thing to do at the lake is sift for hours through the sand and find the best rocks. When it’s time to go, he has a stash of the very best finds. Admittedly, one or two does come home from time-to-time. I guess we are taking the beach home, after all.

IMG_0716Cooper has no strategic thinking to his play. He explores, sees something and explores that. When you’re 3, it’s as it should be. Squirrel!

IMG_0726Look, fishies momma! More like, fishies food, but still fishies.

IMG_0801Mac’s my name and sand slingin’s my game. Watch out, I’m workin’ here.


WARNING: If you’re grossed out by dragonflies, keep scrolling.

The dragonflies were plentiful on Saturday so catching one wasn’t too hard. In fact, this one came right to my blanket and sat down. This is one bug I don’t really mind touching, so long as I can pass it off quickly to Carter to inspect. Carter enjoys watching their wings flap. If the wings stop flapping, he blows on them until they start up again. That is exactly what he is doing in the photo above. This could go on for a half hour or so. Usually, until the dragonfly goes to a better place. 

IMG_0920Time to eat and fight over food. Yay!

IMG_0733IMG_0933Grandma was thinking when she packed treats, but the popsicle was a little melty. Kids don’t care.

IMG_0875We found snails and shells. We packed them in the bag because obviously they are amazing.IMG_0947Whoops. Son a gun.

IMG_0835See snails!

IMG_0965Finding dragonflies. There were probably a hundred in the tree above them.

IMG_0990You can’t see them in this picture, but it’s too pretty not to share.

IMG_1010Post-Cheetohs, you’re welcome. Seriously, undoubtedly the happiest kid in the world.

IMG_0984The last Glendalough beach picture to share is the best one and here’s why. Getting up this little hill is a somewhat challenging for the boys. It’s much easier with a helping hand. Cooper got up from the blanket with Grandma and went to help Mac. Cooper is stubborn as the day is long, but he’s also 100% sweetheart and loves his brothers.

IMG_1079This is how crazy our Saturday night was. Mackie loves to cut paper. We have a pile of construction paper just for cutting. He makes confetti if anyone needs some. It’s a $1 per bag. Kidding, kind of.

IMG_1082Waldo glasses and all. The adorableness is extra.

IMG_1109On Sunday we went to church and afterwards they were starving. Which helps them actually eat lunch. Pancakes are a fave for these little house monkeys so I whipped some up. This one was so full and happy that he let out a howl afterwards. I’ll take that as a compliment. I can combine the mix and water in my KitchenAid mixer like it’s nobody’s business… I poured the syrup too!

IMG_1113Seriously, he licked the plate… and this one normally eats like a bird. I don’t even know how he weighs anything.

IMG_1200Dad decided to help the boys work on their whiffle ball skills. Yes, he’s using a fishing pole in lieu of a tee. It worked pretty well!

IMG_1216This is actual footage of the ‘Mac Attack’. If looks could kill, he would have had a home run. But there’s a good chance he missed. I don’t actually remember.

IMG_1238Monday was Memorial Day, a beautiful day to remember those who proudly served for our freedom. We celebrated with family and food on Jewett Lake. We bought a pontoon recently and we were looking forward to taking the kids on a lake day adventure.

IMG_1229Someone had the opportunity to spend some time with his Grandpa. Carter can’t get enough of this guy.

IMG_1246While learning what all the buttons do and what some don’t do, we found a place to explore for a little while.



IMG_1292IMG_1297This photo was taken just prior to a complete meltdown. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful smile and innocent gesture. Shortly after this incident, Cooper crashed hard on the pontoon. Too many gummy bears and grapes maybe.

IMG_1320Grandma made sloppy joes and potato salad. It was a great way to end a day of sunshine. What did you do for Memorial Day weekend? Comment below!

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The weekend.

We packed up our little house monkeys and traveled to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area to participate in the annual Walk for Williams Syndrome Awareness in Shoreview, Minnesota. It was particularly chilly for May, even in Minnesota standards, but at least there wasn’t snow.

IMG_0030The boys got a little restless so we found a place for them to run and climb.

IMG_0035They ran up and down this hill and I swear that just gave them more energy.

IMG_0028Mackie isn’t so sure about this one. Slight face of concern.

IMG_0059Mom’s fatal attempt at a group photo with a nice hilly background. Mackie’s angry cheese, refusing to smile… For those of you photo enthusiasts. I hill is an awesome green background, assuming your kiddos will cooperate.

IMG_6941However, I will smile if you give me a cheeseburger. Cheese-burger… – Mac                      No, it’s not a Big Mac.

IMG_6490-2We made it to the walk in time. This is the logo symbol for the Williams Syndrome Association (WSA).

IMG_0080Carter was a happy guy. Each year on this day, he feels very special and celebrated, as he should. He’s an incredible little person.

IMG_0103Once the walk was over, the boys played at the park. They were happy about this adventure.

IMG_0117He was real proud he climbed the chain ladder.

IMG_0120Hey ladies, look what I can do.

IMG_0133We decided to play ‘Hide and Seek’ and Mac told me where to hide. Somehow, he was still THIS shocked to find me.

IMG_0151Happy to run and play.

IMG_0156They got so dirty running up the hill at the first park by the time we got to the walk we probably should have changed them, but we just rolled with it. Dirty pants, kids don’t care.

IMG_0208Face painting! Make me a puppy! He was so inpatient waiting for Mac to get his face painted that I never thought he would settle down for his to be done. But once he was in the seat, he was happy as a clam. He knows what he wants and he fights for it. That’s not such a bad thing. Maybe he’ll be President someday.

IMG_0214Marshall and Chase from Paw Patrol made an appearance.

IMG_7057Paw Patrol is on a patrol!

IMG_6979Tongue and everything. You’re welcome.IMG_7063Before they put the hat part on he looks like a little brown bear.

IMG_0387We made it to our hotel, which I would not stay at again, so it remains nameless, but the pool was fun (when it was open).

IMG_0265It opened at 9 a.m. the next day, what hotel does that?

IMG_0347The house monkeys (err hotel monkeys) were going wild by 6 a.m. Finally – they are let out of their hotel room cage.

IMG_0397Even this one was chomping at the bit to get out of the room. I think we’re growing out of the one room hotel rooms.




IMG_0460Mackie is definitely braver than the rest. That’s probably why he’s already had a broken bone before the age of 3. He didn’t want dad to catch him. He says that he’s a big boy.

IMG_0524On Sunday, after some much needed food and energy release, we made our way to Elaina’s house. Together, with the rest of the WSA Regional Committee Members, we discussed upcoming events and activities for individuals living with WS and family members who live with someone who has WS. Someone had spent a great deal of time chalking their driveway. It was quite impressive.

IMG_9374We enjoyed some pizza and Carter found Elaina’s stash of bouncy balls. He never fails to find the bouncy balls. He has over 700 himself.

IMG_3494Elaina’s mom, Andrea, had this neat antique Schwinn bike in front of their home. It looks like it is missing some flowers, which she will no doubt have time for now that the 2018 WS Walk is behind her.

IMG_2290Now, full of pizza and all played out. The house monkey’s found some rest. After I took this photo, I too, may have drifted off for a few minutes. Luckily, Paul stayed awake for the drive home. Yes, that green thing in the photo is a portable potty chair. The boys are not above a van poo if necessary!

IMG_7350Did she really just say van poo? You bet I did. Mom’s deal with a whole lot of poo, literally and figuratively. Real poo, fake poo, stories about poo, questions about poo, shapes of poo, poo that should never be seen by the human eye ever and the most dreaded, poo that got on a finger somehow. I’ve seen it all, at least I think I have. (Insert a nervous face here)

It’s just one of those things. We try not to sweat it. Just like the candy necklaces we bought for the boys on the way home. I helped Mac put his on, no problem. Coopers’s necklace wouldn’t stretch over his sweet watermelon head. We bought him another one, Oh yes we did, don’t judge us until you’ve met Cooper’s strong will personality! Remember, President!

Since I’m a planner, I bought a backup. Two more broken candy necklaces later, I have come to the conclusion that Coopers head is too big for candy necklaces. Either that, or they don’t make them as big as they used to.

Regardless, there was no shortage of candy. They enjoyed some Curious George the whole way home, the house monkey they truly aspire to become. Another great weekend in the books.

If you’re interested in learning more about Williams Syndrome, please visit: http://www.williams-syndrome.org

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